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Eileen Joy Kurlander
Pet plus Family Communication
Coach & Healer, Inspirational Speaker

Eileen's Coaching & Consulting

Want more out of your life, health, work and relationships? Are you ready to cleanse your life?

Count on Eileen’s 15+ years of family coaching, innovative healing techniques and business experience. Enjoy all the benefits of regular coaching plus Eileen’s renowned techniques with results in less than half the time.

*Eileen’s Experience offers you a much broader understanding of yourself and your situation.
*Eileen’s Full Body Scan provides you with superior overall information lab tests, x-rays or MRI’s just can’t give you.
*Eileen’s Soul Level Guidance offers information to assist you on this journey.
*Eileen’s Proprietary Healing Techniques and PEMF devices help advance you faster than you thought possible.

Sessions are offered at the special price of $150. Please allow for extra time if this is your 1st session.

Eileen assists a wide range of people and professionals, customizing every session to meet your individual or family needs.

To schedule:

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Congratulations for taking the first step towards improving the rest of your life.

(30 minutes)
$ 150.00